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Financial Statements

Since our founding in 1996, KaBOOM! has brought play to millions of children in thousands of communities across North America. We have accomplished this largely through our unique funding model of partnering a deserving community with a specific funder and by employing sound program management and financial practices. We have also sought out and developed relationships with Funding Partners supporting the scaling of the KaBOOM! mission beyond our community-build model. This has allowed us to realize significant revenue growth, even through tough economic times, as illustrated in the revenue chart. In 2012, we saw an impressive 14% increase in contribution revenue from the previous year, with our total revenue up 17%.

More importantly, our impact has been multiplying faster than our revenue growth. As we shifted our strategy, expanding beyond our community playground build model to include an advocacy program and do-it-yourself tools, we have been able to further our reach and impact. As more communities use our tools to self-organize and build playgrounds on their own, we have leveraged our dollars to bring more great places to play to an even greater number of deserving children. As seen in the cumulative communities served graphic, our impact has grown appreciably since 2004 when we made this strategic shift.

We feel a great responsibility to our donors, large and small. That is why we are proud not only of our growth in revenue and impact, but also our efficient operations. Eighty-six percent of our budget goes directly to fund programs that bring play to kids. Only nine cents of every dollar is spent on fundraising and five cents per dollar goes toward administrative costs.

KaBOOM! has realized rapid growth, expanding programs and efficient operations, all while building a net asset base that will support the future growth of the organization, allowing us to be nimble and quick and seize new opportunities for growth when the time is right.

KaBOOM! meets all 20 of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s standards for Charity Accountability.

KaBOOM! 2012 Financial Statement


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